Green Pass Changes Starting April 1st

As the pandemic is “officially” about to end here in Italy, the government is setting out how to start gradually returning to opening up many services, making it easier to move around and travel. I won’t get into all the details, only into the main ones that affect travelers to Italy.

The main one is that all lodgings – hotels, bed&breakfasts, campsites) will no longer require their guests to have a Green Pass (which you got if you were vaccinated or could show you were negative with a covid test). No Base or Super Green Pass will be needed starting April 1, 2022.

For now, the requirement to wear a mask indoors remains in place until April 30th.

You do, however, need to show the Super Green Pass if you want to use your hotel’s indoor pool or wellness area. It won’t be required for those outdoors, obviously.

The other main update to keep track of is that the green pass is no longer required for outdoor dining, while it will be needed for indoor dining at least until the end of April.

If there are no updates by the end of April that extend the current measures, all restrictions are to end by May 1st.

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