The magic of massage at Asmana

MAGIC! More precisely, magic HANDS!

That is what I thought as I came out of my facial and hand and foot massage called Indian Beauty at Asmana: the massage therapists need to have special hands to work their type of magic on you. The magic is to make you relax so deeply that you could fall asleep while you are being massaged…. which almost happened to me!

This treatment, like the others offered at the wellness and spa center just outside Florence, is an extra that well deserves your consideration (as well as planning since it is better if you book ahead of time). Massages go from 20 minutes to 50 minutes or even up to 80 minutes.

This Indian Beauty treatment was just recently added to the list of the many massages the center offers so I thought, why not give it a try? I took a morning off to enjoy the massage and spa center and found it very relaxing.

The massage was divided into 3 steps which my massage therapist explained at the start, the purpose of this special treatment being to create a sense of calm and well-being while also revitalizing the skin thanks to the benefits of turmeric, an Indian spice thus giving the name to the treatment.

  • First, a thorough cleansing of the face, followed by the application of a turmeric-based mask which serves to purify the skin and provide antioxidants to create a compact appearance. My skin certainly needed this step!
  • While the mask was working its magic, I then relaxed as my hands and feet were massaged.
  • Finally, a facial massage revitalized my skin. I left with the sensation of walking on air and went straight to a nearby lounge chair to continue with the nap that naturally came with the relaxation ;-).

Indian Beauty is just one of the many “beauty treatments” you can enjoy while you’re relaxing at Asmana and is one of the massages that lasts 50 minutes. Asmana has divided its massages by time and cost so that it is easy for you to decide what you need. You can decide you only need 20 minutes or 50 minutes, here are just some examples of what you can choose from:

20 minute massages: head and face, back and neck, legs (if they’re feeling heavy and retaining water, this is ideal!), deep tissue back and aromatic oil back massage. Cost is €35 for these massages.

50 minute massages: in addition to the Indian Beauty massage, which is dedicated to face, hands and feet, there are also full body massages with essential oils, some to create relaxation when you have muscle tension and others to encourage circulation. These massages cost €70 but if you want to extend any of them to 80 minutes you can, and will cost €105.

“Special” treatments: these are a mix of massages that go from 20 minutes to 50 minutes and are more than just a massage, and include the Hammam Ritual I did a few months ago at Asmana’s Turkish bath area. These include a hot stone massage or a body scrub, massages to do as a couple or truly “special” facials done with gold leaf. A wide variety of types to choose from!

It is best to book your massage or other beauty treatment ahead of time if you can by calling 055 776771 or as soon as you arrive at Asmana to do later in the day. Take a look at the complete list of special treatments page on Asmana’s site to decide which one you’d like to try. I am sure you will enjoy your time at Asmana no matter what you choose!

If you go to Asmana this summer (check out the many reasons why you should), check out the many daily evening events that include both the entrance and dinner at Asmana!

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