Palazzo Vecchio Opens in the Evenings

Palazzo Vecchio at night

Palazzo Vecchio burns the midnight oil!

After the great success during Florence White Night 2010, Matteo Renzi, Florence Mayor, decided to open Palazzo Vecchio at night.

From May 2nd to 31st Palazzo Vecchio is open every day from 9am to 12 am, except on Thursday (9 am to 2 pm). It means that you can have a nice dinner out in Florence, then wandering around the city center, maybe eating ice-cream, and then you can visit the beautiful rooms and apartments of Palazzo Vecchio.

The Museo dei Ragazzi inside the Palazzo organizes evening guided visits to hidden rooms and paths within the building. Tours are unfortunately in Italian and take place on Monday, Friday and Saturday at 6.30 pm and 9.30 pm. Even though you don’t speak Italian, I suggest you take this chance to visit places that aren’t  generally open to the public in Palazzo Vecchio. For reservations and information you can call directly the Museo dei Ragazzi and here you find the official calendar of evening activities in Florence.

So we all cross our fingers for this rain to stop soon, so that we can burn the midnight oil at Palazzo Vecchio in Florence!