The Beauty of Elba

In the month of May two hundred years ago, poor Napoleon Bonaparte was exiled to Elba, the main island in the Tuscan archipelago.

Elba is celebrating the bicentennial with many special events over this summer, fall and winter (find the details here).

From May 15-18, Elba hosted an international group of Instagramers who set off to discover all of the corners of the island to share Elba with the world through photographs.

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Here are some of the best shots from various locations across the island, from Forte Falcone, Marciana Marina to Marina di Campo. You can view more with the official tag #Napoleone200 on Instagram.

@ilarysgrill, @instatouritalia, @nicolacarmignani, @uras68

Their photographs were shared on Twitter and Facebook and already reached millions all over the world.

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Read more info about the Island of Elba in our travel guide:

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