The Giro di’Italia is coming to Tuscany and Florence!

Whether you’re a cyclist aficionado or not, prepare yourselves for an exciting Sunday as the Giro d’Italia passes through Tuscany and Florence this weekend!

Sunday, May 12 marks Day 9 of the cycling race across Italy. The day will start in Sansepolcro in southeastern Tuscany, about 40km to the east of Arezzo, and pass through Anghiari.

It then heads north to Bibbiena and through the Casentino valley. Then the route takes cyclists on up through the Pratomagno mountains passing by Castel San Niccolò, Montemignaio and breaking through at the Passo della Consuma. The route heads down to Pelago before heading up to Vallombrosa, then back down toward Pontassieve before making its way north to Vetta Le Croci, Fiesole and finally Florence.

If you’re not up to following the race along the Tuscan route, you can definitely follow it between Fiesole and Florence.

From Fiesole, the route heads down through San Domenico, then by the Campo di Marte area passing by the stadium before crossing at Piazza Alberti and heading down across the Arno to the Gavinana area, then up Piazzale Michelangelo for the finish line.
For those that don’t know Florence too well, this means the route does NOT pass through any part of the historical center.

It will be a fun day to head out and cheer as cyclists pass by: where will you head out to see the race, along the route or to the finish line?

Here’s a map with the route (click for larger image).

Useful details for drivers

Of course, if you’re driving into Florence that day, it is better to just park it along the western edge of town and walk around Florence. The Piazzale Michelangelo (and its free parking) for obvious reasons will be off limits starting at 3pm on Saturday May 11. And expect the viale to be closed all day Sunday.

Route – Parking and Driving
Also know that parking will be prohibited on Sunday all along the route – the space is needed to let cyclists pass by. Parking prohibited from 7am, while the streets will be closed starting at 3:15pm (until 6pm).

These are the streets involved:
via di San Domenico, piazza Edison, viale Righi, viale Calatafimi, viale Fanti, via Mamiani, via Lungo l’Affrico, cavalcavia Alberti, piazza Alberti, via De Sanctis, lungarno Colombo (bridge), Ponte da Verrazzano, piazza Ravenna, via Poggio Bracciolini, piazza Gavinana, via Coluccio Salutati, via Marsuppini, viale Michelangelo, piazzale Michelangelo (finish line).

The race will pass on streets that are normally in the opposite direction for cars, so pay attention 😉
Some streets will be open for letting cars and pedestrians pass as long as the race isn’t passing through at that moment:

via Bronzetti (at Calatafimi)
via D’Annunzio (at Affrico-De Amicis)
via Lanza (at De Sanctis)
via Quintino Sella (at De Sanctis)
lungarno Colombo (at Verrazzano-De Sanctis)
via di Ripoli (at Salutati)
via Baldovini (at Salutati).

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