Explore the new infrared area at Asmana

Ready to explore the new infrared area at Asmana? I checked it out on my last visit as soon as I found out it consisted of beds with heated lamps over your body, gently providing heat. Let me tell you a bit of what it is and what the benefits are so that you can also go try it out soon!

How does infrared light work?


The technology behind infrared light is basically to create heat, and just like saunas and Turkish baths, they use this heat to provide many benefits to your body and your health.

In contrast to these two, the greatest difference is that the heat you receive is very light. Your body temperature increases very gradually with infrared ray lamps, the body being heated gently since it is just your skin receiving the heat at first. Once your skin warms up, being rich in capillaries, it warms up your blood and this, in turn, takes heat across your entire body. This is a very gentle treatment, especially if you compare it to saunas and Turkish baths where your entire body is “blasted” by heat as soon as you walk into the areas.

Like saunas and the Hammam, heat in turn makes you sweat and activating this sweating mechanism brings many benefits to the body. Being so gentle, however, this treatment can actually be enjoyed by anyone who cannot do either saunas or Turkish baths due to health concerns.

The minor intensity of this treatment compared to the others also permits you to stay exposed to this heat for longer times; the recommended times to stay and enjoy the warmth of the infrared lamps is 20 minutes as compared to the 10 minutes recommended for saunas.

The new area at Asmana

The infrared area at Asmana is divided into two parts: one has reclining beds (18 to be precise) where you can lay down and the infrared lamp is above, gently heating up your body. When I tried it on my last visit, I felt the sensation of well-being you generally get at the end of winter when the sun finally comes out and starts warming you up. I always love sitting outdoors and soak in this “first sun” of the spring, the sensation is highly enjoyable. Under these lamps, I think you will agree that the sensation is similar.

Then there is an internal room with benches all around the perimeter offering 12 spots with infrared lamps that concentrate their energy on your back. This area is particularly indicated for anyone that has aches and pains in that area since the heat is just heating that part.

What are the benefits of infrared lamps?

The main benefits of the infrared area are always connected to heat and to your body’s sweating mechanism:

  • it reinforces your immune system
  • stimulates circulation and thus improves your metabolism
  • reduces tension and relieves dorsal pain, just think how a massage with the warmth of hands on your body can help in the same way
  • with sweating, it promotes the process of your body letting go on any impurities in your system, thus detoxifying your body. This can also help in losing weight: a treatment in this infrared area corresponds to about 30 minutes of light cardiovascular exercise. Don’t expect miracles, but something is something!
  • positively influences the treatment of skin diseases
  • and finally, it relaxes you! Try it out and you’ll see it won’t be hard to even fall asleep under the gentle heat of the lamps. Obviously, if you need a nap please consider the spots are limited and it would be better for your rest to head to one of the many “relax” rooms within Asmana where you can stay as long as you need to restore your body.

Are you ready to try out this new area at Asmana? If you have not been recently, this new area is on the top floor near the main internal pool, a bit hidden and thus perfect for relaxing just as the many other corners at Asmana. Let me know how it goes!

Remember to read our general presentation on Asmana, where you can also download a 10%off coupon to get a discount on your visit. Also check out the recurring events taking place every week, and more details on the Hammam. If you’re looking for an idea of what to do at Asmana, start from our 2 hour itinerary and then head off to explore more areas on your own. ENJOY AND RELAX!

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