Explore the Via Francigena by Bike


Would you love to explore the Via Francigena by bike, and thus the longest bike trail in Italy? While the walking Via Francigena is well-signposted, the cycling route is not! Help us signpost the route to create the longest bike trail in Italy!

We recently learned of the fantastic fundraising project on the Italian crowdfunding platform Eppela to place over 3000 signposts on the trail of the famous Via Francigena.

The Via Francigena is an ancient path, known since the Middle Ages, that led pilgrims and travelers from Canterbury in the United Kingdom to Rome, passing through Central Europe and, of course, through our beloved Tuscany.

Today, many people travel along the Via Francigena every day on foot and by bicycle, thanks to the existing pedestrian and cycle routes, differing during the track to meet the diverse needs of those traveling on foot, by bike or other types of sustainable mobility. The Via Francigena footpath has recently been cleared and newly signposted, although many sections are not suitable for cyclists. A possible cycling route has been established by GPS, but this 1000 km route is not clearly marked.


The project was launched by the Slow Travel Network, formed by Movimento Lento, Itineraria, Ciclica, S-Cape Travel and Sloways and would see to the placement of more than 3000 signposts along 1,000 km of the bike route Via Francigena , making it a more user-friendly route for cycle-tourists from around the world.

The CicloVia (cycle route) Francigena would thus become the longest Italian itinerary provided with signs: more than 1,000 km from the Great St. Bernard Pass to Rome.

How to contribute?

To support the project of the cycle route CicloVia Francigena, make a donation on the Eppela platform here: https://www.eppela.com/en/projects/6781-ciclovia-francigena.
The minimum contribution is of € 5 and there are different rewards (from a high-res image of the Via Francigena to a t-shirt and the inclusion of your logo along the route, if you have a company and wish to provide support and receive recognition).

Please note: the campaign will remain active only up to February 19, if you want to participate in the project you have a few days remaining!

Find more details on the dedicated page of Eppela here.

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