Grapes and Wine, the Protagonists of September

Grapes and wine are the stars of many events planned these last few days of September in Tuscany.
The grape harvest is almost complete throughout the region, so it now the moment to celebrate the end of the harvest and taste the new, good wine from this harvest, but not only.

The Bacco Artigiano and the Carro Matto

In the village of Rufina, just 20km from Florence, the traditional Bacco Artigiano, an event dedicated to wine and local crafts, will be taking place from today Sept. 22 through Sunday the 25th. There will be music, wine tastings and local food products.

On Saturday 24 the “Carro Matto” (literally Crazy Cart) leaves from Rufina to reach Florence. At 3pm, accompanied by a historical procession, the cart will start from Piazza Duomo and arrive in Piazza della Signoria. Here, with a symbolic cerimony, the new wine will be presented to the government of Palazzo Vecchio.
The cart, pulled by 2 powerful oxen, carries an original pyramid built with over 1500 stacked flasks of wine.

Look at some nice pictures of the carro matto !

Grape Harvest Festival

In Impruneta on Sunday, September 25th you’ll find the Festival of the Grape, with its colorful allegorical floats prepared by the four city neighborhoods being paraded through the town. The event will start at 3pm, with a traditional exhibition by the Philharmonic Giuseppe Verdi.

In Chiusi (in the province of Siena) from today, September 22 through the 25th, the traditional festival dedicated to Grapes and Wine will be taking place. The schedule includes wine tasting, live music and many special events.

Wine Town 2011

If you’re in Florence, on Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 you’ll find “Wine Town” all over the city, an event dedicated to quality wine. Guided wine tastings, but also music and live performances will take place in some of the most beautiful historical buildings in Florence, including Palazzo Pitti, Palazzo Corsini and Palazzo Davanzati.
For more information, visit the official website

We wish you a delicious weekend!

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