Sting invites you to pick olives and grapes in his estate, on payment

Now farmers in Tuscany might be (and I stress the might) biting their hands. Yes, because a foreigner, the English man Sting has had an original idea, whether it will also be a successful one is yet to be seen… the idea is to offer ordinary people the chance to work in the fields, his fields in particular, picking grapes or olives, and making this a “privilege” to pay for. At least this is what the Telegraph is reporting in this article.

Maybe Sting does not know that the much of the Tuscan countryside, and beyond, is empty because no one wants to toil in the fields, even when receiving regular pay for it. And, then, is it not a contradiction to have to pay to work? Or maybe Sting has just hit the mark, inviting his guests to roll up their sleeves and do a “therapeutic” experience on his farm, Il Palagio, located not too far from Florence. Working the land, according to Sting, allows you to get rid of stress and, of course, for the singer, this is a service you pay for, similar to spending more or less, a full day at a SPA.
So do you want reduce your stress and contribute to the creation of the wine “Message in a bottle” made at the Il Palagio farm? In addition to rolling up your sleeves, be ready to put your hands into wallet too: the experience will cost you € 262 per day.

I do really wonder what farmers think about this initiative. Many certainly less famous farmers might likely offer their guests to pick grapes or olives for free, perhaps also offering them lunch? How about you: would you pay for a similar experience?

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