A Green Summer


In Italy, there’s a popular saying commonly used when people are on the rocks: essere al verde (literally, being in green) which seems to fit like a glove with the subject of this article and, meanwhile, perfectly expresses the difficult international economic situation, because of which many people have forcibly given up their long awaited holidays.

Following a Coldiretti research, about two millions of Italians have chosen an agriturismo for spending their Summer vacations this year and, although reasons are different, there are a few common denominators that explain this recent trend. Besides being good value for money (that is becoming a more and more determining aspect for selecting accommodation) Italians appear to prefer the contact with nature, hiking or biking among unspoilt paths for discovering places and habits almost unknown.

It’s like a trip back to each one roots, to discover the simple things, local traditions and culture, also throughout food. You are what you eat, goes the popular saying! You can’t visit Tuscany without trying the world renowned Fiorentina, the T-bone steak, for example. I mean that local dishes that contain histories of people and places, to confirm that countryside and rural stays are still considered the most authentic ways for really coming to know a land.

More and more activities have recently been added among all the services offered during a vacation in agriturismo, from the Fattoria didattica (now familiar to most rural aficionados) to English or yoga lessons in the midst of nature, from grape to medicinal herbs harvesting or animals breeding. There’s something to suit everybody’s fancy, even if what Italians seem to be looking for is just simplicity, authenticity, genuine products and…relax, of course!

About Chiara Ricci

Chiara was born in Pescia, where the province of Pistoia borders with Lucca, has lived and studied in both Florence and Pisa for several years. Traveling is her second passion... Her first one? To swim, but up to now it's still impossible for her to explore Tuscany and the world swimming so she has to use other means!