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The city of Prato is just half an hour outside of Florence and is actually the second largest city in the region.

While the city has treasures from the Etruscan, Medieval and more modern times, the city is practically non-existent for the majority of international visitors to Tuscany. This is what makes Prato perfect for anyone wishing to go "off the beaten path" and explore a city where not many visitors go to.

Prato's economy has historically been founded on the textile sector which is still alive and kicking even today. From Medieval times, as the letters of the famous "merchant of Prato" Francesco Datini document, to its industrial growth in the 19th century giving it the nickname of the "Manchester of Tuscany", Prato also has great historical-artistic treasures waiting to be discovered. Some of these include the stunning frescoes by Filippo Lippi, Paolo Uccello and Agnolo Gaddi inside the Duomo and the external pulpit by Michelozzo and Donatello, the beautiful Palazzo Pretorio and Piazza del Comune where it sits and the remains of the Castle of the Emperor, among others. Are you ready to explore Prato?

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What to See and Visit in Prato

Not on many itineraries, the small town of Prato has several interesting places to visit. If you're passing by or in Florence, we recommend a day trip to see the Castle of the Emperor, the Duomo, the Palazzo Datini and Palazzo Pretorio, at the very least. The Textile Museum or Contemporary Art Center are also highly recommended.

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Main Events in Prato

Prato, ever gracious and elegant, welcoming and fun offers the many visitors passing through or in the area many events throughout the year. If you're in the area, make sure to stop by and check these out!

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Happy Hour in Prato

Enjoy the city of Prato even after hours with a wide selection of places to visit and immerse yourself in the local contemporary culture.  Tasty dishes, some with an international flair, music and beers make Prato a lively environment to explore.

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Medici Villa at Poggio a Caiano

Not far out of Prato you can discover the magnificent Renaissance Medici Villa at Poggio a Caiano, where many important people of the past once lived and organized their parties and where today you can breathe in its air of nobility and royalty.

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Montemurlo, half-way between Prato and Pistoia, hides an impressive military fortification - called La Rocca - that has been included in the Marvels of Italy and the wonderful Villa del Barone. A quite off-the-beaten-track destination that is worthy your while.

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Where to eat at in central Prato

There are many restaurants and places to eat at in central Prato, for trying out the typical dishes of the Tuscan tradition, often made with local and seasonal ingredients. Keep on reading this article to find out where to eat at in Prato center.

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Parks & Gardens in Prato

Sometimes you just need a break from all the breath taking beautiful historic culture that surrounds you in Tuscany.  The city of Prato has the perfect mix of green parks and open air museums to help you fill your day ... or even a Sunday afternoon in the park with a picnic.

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Textile Museum Prato

The heart of the economy in Prato is inevitably entwined with that of textiles: color, fashion, texture and skill.  The Textile Museum in Prato tells the story not only of the industrial steps in making textiles, but it tells the story of Prato as well.

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Contemporary Art Center Luigi Pecci

With its many works of art and artistic projects, the Contemporary Art Center Luigi Pecci is aimed to promote, conserve and present all the innovations and discoveries made in art and its varied aspects, from painting to music, from architecture to dance and theatre.

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A Tutta Birra Beer Festival in Prato in May

The Tutta Birra Beer Festival takes place over 5 days in May with music, fun and lots of beer. Check out the calendar of concerts and make your way to one of the best events this summer. Read details on where and when.

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September Events in Prato

September is a great month to explore Prato, as there are many events taking place during its special "Settembre Pratese" festival. You can eat and drink in Piazza Mercatale, enjoy concerts, parades, historical and special sport events.

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