Author: Chiara Ricci

Chiara was born in Pescia, where the province of Pistoia borders with Lucca, has lived and studied in both Florence and Pisa for several years. Traveling is her second passion... Her first one? To swim, but up to now it's still impossible for her to explore Tuscany and the world swimming so she has to use other means!

Thermal itineraries in Tuscany

January 15, 2014

If you’re planning to go to Tuscany, get ready to visit an amazing wonderland, like Alice’s and to be surprised every step you take. This freezing and variable time of the year is not perfect for touring open-air some of the most beautiful villages of the region, so thermal destinations could be an interesting alternative…

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A very Tuscan Christmas

December 18, 2013

Here we are, the most magic period of the year is right behind the door, and all of us are anxiously waiting for Christmas for enjoying its joy, music, colours and why not, food specialities! Christmas in Tuscany is rich in events and dates that suit everybody’s fancy, so we’re going to give you some…

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Christmas Markets in Lucca and province

December 4, 2013

Christmas is knocking at our door and there will be no street, house or shop that isn’t already dressing up with the season’s decorations and lights, bringing an irresistible and overwhelming joy everywhere. Christmas has always stood for holidays, traveling, taking part in family traditions and events, organizing dinners with family and friends and going…

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Thermal baths in times of Crisis: Saturnia and Petriolo

October 8, 2013

Alas, Autumn has crossed the door, chasing Summer away for good from both our thoughts as well as wardrobes! Goodbye holidays and vacations at the sea and, luckily, goodbye to the hot temperatures as well… or at least, see you next year! When I’m a bit out of sorts (and this season is a bit…

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Cycling along a…World Championship Tuscany!

September 11, 2013

In the upcoming week from the 22nd to the 29th of September, Tuscany will be the undisputed protagonist  of  a cool event, which will be a worldwide hit! It’s neither a metaphor, nor the opinion of someone (me!!) that is definitely fallen in love with Tuscany: the UCI Road World Championship is just around the…

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A Green Summer

September 6, 2013

In Italy, there’s a popular saying commonly used when people are on the rocks: essere al verde (literally, being in green) which seems to fit like a glove with the subject of this article and, meanwhile, perfectly expresses the difficult international economic situation, because of which many people have forcibly given up their long awaited…

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Montecarlo’s Wine Festival Coming Up

August 28, 2012

September in Tuscany is harvest time, which means experiencing local parties, festivals, music, cultural and traditional exhibitions, all aimed to promote local habits and those villages where they take place…but mainly it’s wine time! Obviously, it couldn’t be any different! If grape harvest is the subject of our interest, wine is nothing other than the…

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Floraviva, the green exhibition: Pescia…in flower once again!

April 10, 2012

At the beginning of last century, Pescia was considered one of the most important capitals of flowers in Europe; thanks to that, this little city gained a world reputation and, consequently, its inhabitants lots of work possibilities: Pescia, City of Flowers, as it was usually referred to, till some years ago… Tourists, specialists and keen…

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