Author: Stefano

Stefano is a native from Florence but with a quarter of Sienese blood in his DNA and many years living in Pisa is a true Tuscan. He is still learning that his homeland has many corners and hidden gems he has to discover, ones he particularly enjoys seeing from the saddle of his bike.

Flying in a Hot Air Balloon over Val d’Orcia

August 10, 2018

Our spectacular experience with I had always considered a hot air balloon flight as something cool… done by others! After all, I didn’t get on an airplane until I “had to” to go visit my fiance (who is now wife…) since she lived on the other side of the Atlantic. Then we got an…

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Trying out the E-MTB on Elba

May 29, 2015

I’ve had a dream of seeing Elba on bike ever since my first vacation on the island a few years ago when it became clear that it is cycler’s paradise. Sure that it required a little bit of training on my part, and a companion to share in the adventure, my “bike holiday on Elba”…

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Ceramiche e Passione Senese

August 24, 2012

Stavamo passeggiando nei pressi del Duomo di Siena in un caldo pomeriggio dello scorso luglio, indecisi se anticipare la visita al museo oppure concederci un gelato, quando la nostra attenzione è caduta su una giovane ceramista intenta a dipingere un piatto sulla soglia di uno dei tanti – almeno così sembrava – negozi che vendono…

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The Medieval Market of Filetto

August 8, 2011

If you also find yourself in Lunigiana between the 11th and 15th of August, make your way to the Medieval fair in Filetto! The area of Lunigiana has so much to offer, as we had ourselves discovered a year ago when we first started exploring this area staying a few days in the countryside near…

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The Renaissance of Colle di Val d’Elsa

July 12, 2011

The first edition of the Renaissance Fair at Colle Val d’Elsa! Our impressions Anyone who has read our blog for a while probably has already understood we love to go to medieval festivals and that we often return to the ones held in Monteriggioni, Volterra and Roccatederighi in Tuscany. When we found out there would…

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Discovering Lunigiana

August 25, 2010

Even if we’ve been exploring Tuscany for years now, both for work and pleasure (overall for pleasure 😉 ), we still had never visited the area called Lunigiana at the very far northwestern edge of Tuscany. We set out to change this last week, taking a week’s vacation and staying near Aulla at the Convivium…

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Our vacation at the Convivium Lunae Pow Wow Bean Farm

August 11, 2010

During our vacation in Lunigiana (details and pics coming soon), we selected a farmhouse near Aulla with a very original name: Convivium Lunae Pow Wow. We chose it mainly because of its central location in the Lunigiana area, perfect for moving around to visit the various villages during the week we were there. The farm…

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To the Marradi chestnut festival on the steam engine train!

October 27, 2009

We took a beautiful trip to Marradi a few weekends ago, a mountain village located in the Tuscan Apennines near the border with Emilia Romagna, to go the town’s annual chestnut sagra or food festival. The Mugello chestnuts are famous and are protected by the IGP (Indicazione Geografica Protetta, or Geographical Protected Indication) trademark and…

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Over 15.000 participate in Corri La Vita

September 27, 2009

Corri la Vita was a huge success with thousands of both residents and visitors alike showing up in Piazza della Signoria this morning to take part in the benefit run against breast cancer. We found ourselves in a festive atmosphere crowding the piazza together with over 15.000 other people, many running and many doing the…

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Corri la Vita:Florence runs against cancer

September 22, 2009

This coming up Sunday a large part of Florence will be in Piazza della Signoria for a special event, the 7th edition of Corri La Vita. It is an event that brings together charity, physical activity, culture and social commitment in the form of a race and walk on Sunday September 27 with thousands of…

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