Pampering your Skin at Asmana

Summer can be tough on our skin, especially once it finally gets warm and you find yourself, like me, spending time outside soaking in the warm rays of the sun. I’ve learned the important thing is to both pamper yourself and your skin at the same time, ensuring the rays you catch are the right amount and your skin is well moisturized and exfoliated. What better way to do all this than with a visit to Asmana Wellness Center? There are many ways to do so at Asmana, here are some ideas.

Pampering your Skin with Water

While all the pools at Asmana bring positive benefits, I love the saline pool in particular for my skin: you can feel your skin is softer and smoother right after you get out. If you can’t get to the beach, or the weather is not beach-worthy, then this is the next best thing. Salt water is a natural moisturizer and exfoliator AND the mineral bromide it contains helps relieve aches and soreness from joints and muscles. So no matter what you do at Asmana, a stop at the saline pool is a must to feel refreshed and to take care of your skin at the same time. Take a look at the other pools you will find at Asmana here.

If the sun is out and shining, you can alternate between being in the various pools and laying out on the lounge chairs in the outdoor garden to work on your tan. If you get a little thirsty, make sure to quench your thirst with a smoothie, juice or cocktail at the Tropical Pool Bar. I suggest trying out the Vitamin Bomb juice to replenish your energy quickly!

Pampering with a Massage… and Exfoliation!

You can find many types of massages at Asmana, from head, face and neck massages or just legs to full body massages (you can read a breakdown of some here and read about my experience with the Indian Beauty treatment). All will benefit your muscles as well as your skin, but consider these will generally are limited to the areas that are massaged.

In the summer time, my skin needs extra moisturization so it greedily soaks in the oils and creams of the massages… but it also loves exfoliation! For this second part, I love doing the special Aufguss ceremonies in the saunas or in the Hammam because you get a handful of salt mixed with essential oils and you do a scrub all over to scrub any dead skin away. You will be told how to do it on your own, starting with legs and moving up to arms. Read more about these ceremonies in my general introduction to Asmana here.

To get them both at the same time, I go for the Hammam Ritual. It is both a massage with exfoliation which takes place in the Turkish bath/Hammam area and provides both along with the benefits of humidity and heat! It starts with an exfoliating massage, then you spend some time in the baths, ending with a gentle massage with soap. You can read more about it here.

Pampering with a Facial

After pampering your full body in one way or another, it is essential you don’t forget your face. There are facial massages and treatments that include a facial (like the Indian Beauty treatment). These require booking, and many times you can do it later that day if you do not book ahead. But if you want something more spur-of-the-moment, Asmana also offers three “do it yourself” facials you can do any time of the day. The simpler ones are either a clay mask and moisturizer called “Morbida Armonia” (Soft Harmony) or a facial scrub with moisturizer called “Dolce Carezza” (Sweet Caress).

I suggest doing a little more and going with the “complete” treatment called “Fresco Incanto” (Fresh Enchantment) which I normally do. It includes the first facial above (clay mask and moisturizer) plus a natural balsamic balm with thyme for your chest and an arnica and pinewood gel to revitalize your legs. You wrap up your mini beauty treatment with a warm herbal infusion. It takes about 20 minutes to do the entire cycle. You apply the treatments yourself, sit and enjoy the foot bath at each step before proceeding to the next. I suggest ending this with a nap ;-)!

Remember, depending on how long you are at Asmana, there is the pool bar, a bistro and a restaurant on the premises at your disposal with many options to keep you hydrated and properly fed. While many might not consider the restaurant, I’ve found meals there perfectly balanced and light, never feeling like I could not go enjoy another part of Asmana. This summer, Asmana hosts several evening events that include 4 hours evening entrance with dinner, such as Paella and Sangria on Wednesdays and an Apericena every Friday night (check out the events calendar they keep updated on Facebook here. Some of these events only take place in the summer months).

Do you need more ideas on what to do at Asmana in a few hours? Read my suggestions for an itinerary to follow for full relaxation in just two hours here.

Gifting a day at Asmana

Did you realize you could gift a day at Asmana to a special someone? You can pick and choose among all the services Asmana offers what to include in a special gift package and have it wrapped up into a special box if you buy in person or buy online and personalize a special .pdf voucher you can then print and hand over. Aside from special offers that might be limited in time, which are clearly labeled as such, all gift vouchers have a validity of 2 years from the time of purchase, giving the recipient of your thoughtful gift the time to organize a visit!

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