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The Tapestry Gallery at the Uffizi

May 3, 2012 by Sara Turini

For the first time after 25 years, 17 masterpieces of tapestries chosen among 8 collections have returned to their place of origin for an exhibition at the Uffizi Gallery.

In 1987, the Uffizi lost a part of its most important collections due to problems with the conservation of the tapestries: the light, dust and tensile stress deteriorate those artworks rapidly and the colors fade day after day. For this reason the collection has been kept for many years in a room appropriate for its conservation, waiting for the opening of dedicated rooms equipped with ideal lighting and air-conditioning systems on the ground floor of the Gallery.

In this temporary exhibition, you can admire a series of works which illustrate and recount, better than any history book, the opulence and magnificence of the European courts during the Renaissance and about the story of the Passion of Christ.
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The Notte Bianca Arrives on April 30th in Florence + May 1st

April 26, 2012 by Lourdes Flores

Every year Florence selects a spring night as a “Notte Bianca“, literally meaning a “white night” when the city organizes cultural programs all through the night. A sleepless night for many in Florence who want to take advantage of all of the free events taking place, including visits to several museums and music concerts throughout the city. This year, the “white night” will be taking place this upcoming Monday, April 30th, with most events starting at 7pm and continuing on until 6am of May 1.

This year participants and events will be dressed in white! From the participating artists to Florence’s mayor, Matteo Renzi, all will dress in white, while the bridges over the Arno will have white paper lanterns which will float down the river at midnight and Piazza della Signoria adorned with hundreds of white balloons. Read the rest of this entry »

Aperitivo ad Arte at the Uffizi Gallery – Spring 2012

April 24, 2012 by Lourdes Flores

Would you like to enjoy a very special aperitivo in Florence this spring with your friends?

Called “Aperitivo ad Arte“, the Uffizi Gallery is offering special evening openings of the museum on Thursdays starting this April 26 (and continuing through the end of June) that allows you to enjoy an aperitivo on the Uffizi terrace over Loggia dei Lanzi enjoying an amazing view of Piazza della Signoria and Palazzo Vecchio together with a visit to the new Blue Rooms of the Uffizi dedicated to foreign artists inaugurated last December. Read the rest of this entry »

Floraviva, the green exhibition: Pescia…in flower once again!

April 10, 2012 by Chiara Ricci

At the beginning of last century, Pescia was considered one of the most important capitals of flowers in Europe; thanks to that, this little city gained a world reputation and, consequently, its inhabitants lots of work possibilities: Pescia, City of Flowers, as it was usually referred to, till some years ago…

Tourists, specialists and keen on flower growing used to crowd the little city of Valdinievole during the first weeks of September to take part to one of the most interesting and important flower expositions in Europe: the Biennale del Fiore. Unfortunately, as years passed by, the exhibition, as well as flower commerce, seemed to get less and less importance and ended up leaving way only to tradition and exhibits which only rarely were attractive and innovative, as the original spirit of the Biennale required.

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A Cultural event dedicated to art: Culture Week

April 9, 2012 by Sara Turini

Culture weekOnce again this year, now in its XIV edition, Cultural Week will take place from Saturday April 14 through Sunday April 22 across all of Italy. On initiative of the Mibac, Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Environmental Conservation, this week is dedicated to bringing Italians and foreigners alike to the gorgeous cultural heritage a rich country such as Italy can offer, by making culture more affordable and accessible.

In fact, all of the events and museums participating open its doors for free during these 9 days. Anyone, whether Italian or not, can enter for free or have reductions into museums and expositions as well as attend conferences, guided tours and workshops.

A whole week in the footsteps of art, culture, creativity and sharing. It is also a special occasion for kids who will be able to approach the cultural universe, who might still find it mysterious up to now, attending amusing and exciting workshops and visits dedicated especially for them.

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Easter 2012 in Florence and Mugello

April 5, 2012 by Lourdes Flores

The “Scoppio del Carro” celebration with a few changes this year

This Easter Sunday in Florence the centuries old tradition of the “Scoppio del Carro” will take place with a few changes from past years, changes just announced a few days ago.

The main change concerns the lighting of the “sacred fire” which will be moved from Sunday morning to Saturday evening to be present already at the wake that takes place in the cathedral as we await the arrival of Easter.

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Villa Dianella and Polimoda come together to design a wine label

March 21, 2012 by Lourdes Flores

This spring a very special collaboration sprung up between the Tuscany wine estate Villa Dianella Fuccini near Vinci and the Polimoda fashion school in Florence – a contest open to second year students in the Marketing Management, Marketing Communication and Masters in Fashion Communication programs to design the new label for the estate’s rosé wine, All’Aria Aperta. Yesterday at the estate the 3 finalists met to present their designs so that the panel could decide on the contest winner!

A wine label design is not just a summary of the wine or its contents – it must communicate the essence of the wine and the passion put into its production. For the great majority of us who are not wine experts, labels are pretty important and can be a deciding factor between one bottle or the next. The fashion school students’ participation is thus a very important chance for students in the marketing sector to put their studies into practical application while giving the wine estate the chance to offer a new and innovative design not usual for wine labels.

Villa Dianella is a 15th century Medici villa that today produces Chianti wine and liquors such as grappa and vinsanto and extra virgin olive oil. The estate also has several delightful elegant rooms where guests can enjoy a stay in the elegant estate and participate in cooking classes, wine tastings and a tour of the winery’s cellars.

Polimoda is one of the top fashion marketing and design schools in Italy and offers both undergraduate as well as masters programs to students specializing in various aspects of the fashion world: marketing, communication, branding, management and much more.

Is the mystery of the Battle of Anghiari finally revealed?

March 15, 2012 by Sara Turini

The last several days have seen the media and the population focusing their attention to the developments concerning the hunt for the lost mural La battaglia di Anghiari or Battle of Anghiari by Leonardo da Vinci in the Salone dei Cinquecento in Florence’s Palazzo Vecchio.
The work done by Maurizio Seracini, an Italian engineer, and his team, confirm the thesis of the alleged presence of the painting hidden behind the fresco by Giorgio Vasari “The Battle of Marciano”.
Reading the works of Vasari, it would seem that he may have preserved the da Vinci painting and that it may be on the eastern wall, since in the other one there were four big windows at the time of Da Vinci’s work.
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The Cathedral of Siena hosts “The Baptism of Christ” by Tiziano

March 7, 2012 by Sara Turini

If you are visiting Tuscany and you make your way to Siena, don’t miss the exclusive exhibition in the Cathedral of Siena running from March 1st through to August 31 which hosts the sublime masterpiece by Tiziano “The Baptism of Christ” .

To celebrate the 500th anniversary of its creation, the painting for the first time in history travels out of its permanent exhibition space at the museum Pinacoteca Capitolina in Rome to Siena to mingle with the works present in the Crypt of the Dome.

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Free Entry on International Women’s Day

March 3, 2012 by Lourdes Flores

Celebrating Womens Day on March 8

On March 8, Italy joins in the celebration of Woman’s Day and you’ll see bouquets of the yellow mimosa flowers everywhere: in Italy, it is tradition to give them to women as a show of appreciation.

For the occasion, the state museums in Florence and surroundings will be offering free entrance!

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