Siena, the Divinely Beautiful

August 26, 2015

Have you been to Siena over the past month? Did you go see the spectacular outdoor show “La Divina Bellezza: Discovering Siena” taking place right next to the Duomo about Siena and its history? I can’t recommend it highly enough to everyone I meet and know is planning to go: it is an awesome way,…

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Trying out the E-MTB on Elba

May 29, 2015

I’ve had a dream of seeing Elba on bike ever since my first vacation on the island a few years ago when it became clear that it is cycler’s paradise. Sure that it required a little bit of training on my part, and a companion to share in the adventure, my “bike holiday on Elba”…

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Medieval Festival in Monteriggioni this Weekend!

July 6, 2012

This weekend, the prestigious Medieval Festival celebrated in the charming walled town of Monteriggioni, north of Siena, returns for the first of two weekends of fun for the whole family! This 22nd edition will take place over two weekends, this July 6-8 and next weekend July 13-15, 2012 offering a rich program of shows and…

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Monteriggioni, the Siege

August 29, 2011

We have lots of pictures to share with all of our readers – from Monteriggioni to Filetto to Montepulciano! Here is the first set: the Monteriggioni Medieval festival that takes place over two long weekends in July. The festival is perfect for families since there is entertainment and games for children as well as chance…

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Florence Holiday Restaurant Reservations

December 14, 2010

Traveling and eating out during the holiday period can be tricky as Italians themselves want to spend the main holidays with their families. There are many restaurants that will be open on the 24th and for lunch on the 25th as well as for New Year’s Eve (most restaurants offer a single “cenone” dinner at…

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Our vacation at the Convivium Lunae Pow Wow Bean Farm

August 11, 2010

During our vacation in Lunigiana (details and pics coming soon), we selected a farmhouse near Aulla with a very original name: Convivium Lunae Pow Wow. We chose it mainly because of its central location in the Lunigiana area, perfect for moving around to visit the various villages during the week we were there. The farm…

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Classico is Chianti

May 24, 2010

If you happen to see a Fiat 500 around Florence making sounds like a rooster, don’t worry, it isn’t a maniac out driving having fun. The cars making the rooster’s cock-a-doodle-do are actually promoting an upcoming event in Chianti’s wine region, Chianti Classico, whose symbol is the black rooster. Starting May 29th and continuing on…

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Chianti Tour: Wine tasting and Artisan Workshops

October 10, 2009

This past Thursday we spent the day in Chianti on a tour designed and supported by the Florence Chamber of Commerce and tourism board to promote the Florentine area of Chianti. We met our tour group in front of Santa Maria Novella train station at 8.45am and aside from a traffic incident that delayed our…

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Christmas Day Feast is a special occasion in Italian homes

December 23, 2008

In Tuscany, like in many areas of the world, the Christmas holidays are a special moment to spend time with family. And what better way than to spend time together than over a nice meal? Christmas Day is a very special occasion and a fine meal is part of the grand celebration, anyone on a…

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